The Personal Assistance Resource Center aims to build and support the field of home care workers to meet the ever growing needs of the senior and disabled communities of northern Alameda County.  Thinking outside the box to reach job seekers suited for home care work. By offering a menu of support services, the goal is to foster healthy and sustainable relationships between clients and caregivers. We will phase in these services, as well as expanding our geographic service area, as need presents and as funding permits.

  • Information and Referrals

    • Comprehensive information on modes of service delivery to help workers determine the best fit for them: In-Home Supportive Services, agency model, or private pay.
    • Referrals to existing registries and referral platforms*
    • Referrals to existing training opportunities
  • Support Groups

    • Peer facilitated support groups for home care workers and consumers, covering topics to be determined by request.
  • Training

    • Workshops and classes promoting a consumer driven model of service, emphasizing communication skills
  • Advocacy

    • The PARC intends to partner with the County and the Union to help resolve IHSS payroll and other issues.
    • Information on national and local campaigns to improve the lives of seniors and people with disabilities and the workers who support them.
  • Mediation Services

    • Workers and consumers will be trained to help mediate conflicts in worker/consumer relationships in order to help maintain successful long term arrangements.

*We hope to bolster the efficacy of existing resources rather than recreating them.

I slept and dreamt that Life was Joy
I awoke and saw that Life was Service
I acted and behold, Service was Joy
                       –Rabindrinath Tagore